Friday, 22 September 2017

Paper Mash Up

Paper Mash Up

Hallo There!

Good to see you!  Here is
another idea in this strand
for re-using the paper/card
that might end up in the
re-cycing bin.

Jane Castle has been looking
through her re-cycling.........

"Hello Everyone, today I would very much
 like to show you how I started with these .......

and ended up with this:

As I'm one of those people that think 
'That might come in handy' I tend to 
have a few empty packages in store
 so this project was fairly easy to make. 

The outer casing was from a Supermarket 
shelf that had been displaying deoderants.

It measures 25cm wide, 12.5cm deep 
and 13.5cm high at the back. 

I then also added a piece of stiff board
 to the back for the clipboard which 
measures 19cm x 23cm.

I played around with the internal arrangement
 before I cut any boxes to size.

Next a made up a spray paint mix ready
 to add universal colour to all the internal parts
 that were not going to be covered with 
decorative papers.

The mix was roughly 2 parts Mermaid,
1 part Beach hut and 2 parts water. 

I sprayed the insides of all the small inserts 
but didnt worry about the base of the
 outer shell as that would not be seen.

The front and sides were then covered with
 Kaisercraft Basecoat IV Collection Broadwalk.

This paper was also used for the clip board--- 
there was just enough left to cover one of the
 small boxes and the 2 tubes.

The remaining boxes were then covered in 
FabScrapes Hoot & Toot. 

2 of the birds from their Scrapping Goodies 
were used for the embellishments.

The embellishments were then given 2 coats of paint. 
The heart I stippled to give an uneven effect.

Detail was then added

  I love poppy seed heads and dry several 
at this time of year to add to various projects -- 
 for this one I cut the seed pod in half 
and then sprayed.

Fancy Cord/ Bakers Twine was added
 to the front and the seed pod.

Adhesive gems were added for the birds eyes
 and once I'd given the larger leaves 2 coats 
of clear embossing powder the stamped detail had 
almost disappeared so I then re-inked the stamp 
and heated the embossing powder again 
placing the stamp into the molten glaze.

Finally some dried grass from a Stipa flower 
was placed behind the butterfly.

This took 2 sheets of 12x12 papers and a few 
embellishments ---- probably things we all 
have in our stash!

The clipboard is to be used for a reminder 
of birthdays for each month."

Items Used

A lovely project to keep us busy
now that the evenings are
drawing in.  Many thanks Jane

I had forgotten about making a
spray with the Fresco paints -
so useful for getting colour into
the nooks and crannies

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Paper Mash Up

Paper Mash Up

Hallo All

Today we have another
use for those bits of paper
we can't bear to throw
away but still we are not

Angela Radford is going
to show us how she
manages all those bits.....

"Hi all. 
Here to show you something I've 
made with some left-over 
background papers.

When looking through my stash I noticed these..... 
I must have made them a long time ago and was
 made with Mica stains and rubbed over with
 treasure Gold wax. 

I thought they would make great paper beads. 
So here goes!

I've drawn the measurements on the back 
of the paper to make it easy for you.

And here is a larger view. Top...

and bottom. 

Next you need to cut along the lines.

Using a wooden skewer, roll the paper 
starting with the widest strip (3/8"x3/8")
 then go onto the next (3/8"x1/4") 
which will narrow at the end ready to 
take the third piece (1/4"x 0") 
which ends in a point. 

You will see that I've added glue along
 the length of the strip.

You should end up with something like this.

For the long bead I used two strips (3"x3" and 3"x0") 

and then repeat the process with these.

Close-up of the measurements.

 At this stage I used a glue to seal the beads
 on the outside which also has the effect of 
hardening them.

And here is one of the round beads 
wired and ready to be completed.

Now I hadn't planned to do a tutorial for the
 background paper but it seemed a shame not
 to show you how to make this so start off by 
putting about three to four puffs of Pixie Powder
 into a container and adding about three tablespoons
 of water. Mix thoroughly and you're ready to go.

Apply with a paint brush onto a sheet of A4 paper.

 Allow it to dry just a little and then 
screw up tightly while damp.

Open it up, flatten out and allow it to dry.

Take your Gilding wax of choice and rub it 
over the creases with your fingers ........
and yes, I am wearing gloves... Wimp!

 When complete you get this which is just lush! 

Obviously you can flatten it out more if you wish.

Had to show you the handbag charm in situ.

 Sorry it's a bit lengthy today but hope 
you enjoyed watching. 

Happy crafting, Angela xXx"

Products used :
Jewellery Findings
Wooden skewers

Thank you for a super project
Angela and not to mention
the bonus background tutorial

I had forgotten just how
effective paper beads can be
and with the Gifting Season
coming ever closer .........

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Paper Mash Up

Paper Mash Up

Hi Everyone!

All the little darlings must have
started or gone back to school by
now and the bigger darlings off
to Uni......................  You'll be
wondering what to do with

Well, how about something to
make you smile every time you
use it?

Here's Karen Gist with a really
gorgeous makeover for that tray...

"I have had this blank tray knocking around
 my craft room for years wondering how
 to decorate it! When Mickie gave me 
the prompt I thought it was perfect 
for it...using up those bits of
 pretty papers that we crafters dare 
not throw away! 

Firstly I covered the tray with a coat of gesso.
 Then I tore my papers into pieces so that the 
'white' edges were on the right sides.

Using Fresco Chalk Paint I painted the 
inside edge in Smurf. 

Cutting some of the papers so that I had 
some straight edges I started glueing them
 onto the bottom of the tray using a 
thin PVA glue.

With the torn edges you don't get so many
 lumpy bits and you can see that I wanted 
the white edges to show as a contrast.

I had some paper left over so I made 
some coasters as well!

 I always cover the bottoms of my coasters 
with felt to give more insulation.

Back to the tray:

The edges were painted in Fresco Tango and, 
when dry, I doodled some spots around. 

The sides and bottom of the tray have been 
painted with Guacamole. 

When its all dry add a few thin coats of satin varnish.

All ready to go! A cheerful tray for my 
morning cuppa!!!!"

Materials Used:

Papers from your stash

Thank you for such a cheery
project Karen and to make matching
coasters is pure crafty genius! 
Winter is coming and this tray
 would cheer up any gloomy day!  

Come to think of it, I have one of
those wooden trays on my desk that
I've never done anything with other
than use it as a general dumping ground
for junk!  Like everyone else I also have a
tonne of papers I just cannot part with
................  anyone see a plan here?!!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Coat

Hallo There!

Hasn't it been a great week?
Well, it has been for me.  I
am up to date with the household
chores, shopping etc so I can
devote the entire weekend to
crafting...........!  Yayyy!!

Enough hysteria, here is
Craftyfield with more for her
Fauxdori Book 

"After making my Fauxdori book I couldn't
 wait to use it, especially the Gelli print 
which actually was a fail... 
It needed more colour on top and I thought 
this would be an ideal base for Gelatos. 
I find them versatile and I like to use them
 in different ways.

On the left of the page where I had lots 
of untouched paper I applied the Gelatos on 
top of the stencil 
(Carabelle Studio: Weft Fabric and Numbers) 
and rubbed with a slightly damp wipe. 

This is the "positive" application method.

 I then stamped my flowers (Honey Doo crafts Lilies) 
with Archival inks (Archival Mini Ink Pad Set 4) 
before stencilling (DecoArt Inspiration) 
the words with black Gesso. 

This is so I know the position of the main
 elements before adding more colours 
and stencilling.

On the right, where I have mostly acrylic paint, 
I rubbed some Gelatos and spread with my fingers.

I laid the stencil (Imagination Crafts Drop Screen)
 on top and with a damp wipe removed the colour, 
the acrylic under layer making it easy. 

The "negative" method of applying Gelatos with stencils! 

I added more colour, here and there with and 
without the stencil for a cohesive look

Finally I coloured 2 of the flowers with the pink Gelato, 
which was my initial idea, but in the end I left the 
main one alone as it is just too beautiful to be messed with!"


This is a lovely addition to the
Fauxdori Craftyfield.  
Thank you very much and I look 
forward to more.........!

So glad I have the weekend free......
I do like making books, can you tell?
All thanks to Kathy Byrne's classes at
 The Craft Barn

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx